Coding With Fun And Ease

You Or Your Children Have Always Wanted To Learn The Basics Of Programming? You Like Puzzles And Want To Control Robots? No Problem. In Our Course You Will Learn The Core Concepts Of Programming With Karel And Python. 

The Karel Programming language

Introduction to the programming language Karel

Do it and learn: Let robot Karel wander too far through labyrinth and puzzle together.


The Karel programming language is a cool introduction to the world of programming and makes it much easier to get started in the world of Java, Python, C# and Co. 

We let the robot Karel wander through a labyrinth, pick up diamonds and solve puzzles together. Meet and code together from all over the world. We are looking forward to cool-coding with you. All you need is sustainable internet connection, zoom and a browser. 

What you need

  • curiosity, joy of learning, also from mistakes and you are at least 12 years old (12 to 99 years old) 
  • computer and a stable internet connection 
  • school english skills 

Do not worry, we can always switch to German, Romanian or in Swahili. Our inspirers will take care of each of you. 

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