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Prepare curious adults and children to fit in a tech-saturated world through coding.

Drawing problem-solving skills from coding

Coding4future was established by Christian Trutz and Susan Omondi with an aim of preparing children for the future.

Today’s children – tomorrow’s adults need to learn problem – solving skills to survive a world that has new challenges every day. Coding4future recommends coding as the most effective tool.

We see a time coming where the kids growing in our homes right now might not know how to blend in the future if they are not prepared. This can be frustrating. We let coding teach children how to problem-solve till they grow big. This is because in coding, the mind is 90% tasked with identifying problems and finding solutions. This habit at the end, reflects in a normal life if balanced well.

A tech-saturated world dictates a lot of creativity and innovation. Every day organization leaders are looking for advanced technologies to improve the working environment. There is still a lot to be done digitally for consumers to use their gadgets efficiently for their desired products.

Therefore your child has a chance for growing their coding skills and building their character. The two goals are just perfect for tomorrow. Character and work are essential for a productive adult. The combination simply provides a fulfilled life. This is what everybody wishes for their successful children.



Create a community where children and adults not only consume innovations but are a part of a healthy transformation of both digital skills and character through their creative skills.



To be a coding camp that makes a difference; turning coding skills into character-building skills.


How we make a difference Faith in Children

Faith in Children

We believe that every child has a chance and a potential to become their best. We show them how through coding and mentorship.


Good dreams are achieved through remaining focused and calm, regardless of how long they take. This is what our children need all the time to become what they desire.


Creativity is the life of every child. If they are denied the chance when they are tender, they might never be happy as adults. It will be like some part of their life taken from them. We help them see this and treasure it to the maximum.

Our team

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Susan Omondi

Political photojournalism | software development

Christian Trutz

Print Journalist | Founder: janexplore.com | Writer | Editor and proofreader

Ruth Omondi

Broadcast Journalist | Founder: Nivaplasmedia.com; ikogari.com | Adjunct lecturer

Collins Okumu

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